Monday, 27 March 2017


The girl you left
Like a shipwreck in the middle of the storm
Drowned a thousand times
For a single breath of air
Swam through riptides and hurricanes
And lived to become
The Queen of the Sea
A woman with the abruptness of upturning waves
The empress of All-that-could-go-wrong-and-did.
The lips that parted once to
Taste the magic YOU made everyday
Do not belong to you anymore.
A hundred years later:
YOU will wake up with a mouth full of drought
The sand will replace your skin
The ocean will blind your eyes
You will clutch your vivace heart
Panting her name.
And you will fall and fall and fall.
You will scribble HELP on the shore
Without any rescue boat or life vest
No airplane will fly above your head
What will become of you then?

Thursday, 23 March 2017


I really don't understand why people have prejudices when it comes to adopting cats. Cats are as cute and lovable as dogs. Cats teach all of us a little something about confidence and attitude which, let's face it, dogs cannot. There are a hundred reasons you should adopt a cat but if you are reading this you already want to adopt one but don't know where from and how, I am here to help you.

There are these three reliable organizations I can vouch for if you are looking to adopt cats. They are 


They have been here for a long time now, helping the strays and the abandoned pets. Very reliable. The adoption process is easy. To adopt you can write them to or connect with them on Facebook. 


Although it is still a personal blog on Facebook, it's mission is to find every cat a human friend. They help to connect abandoned and rescued cats and kittens in the Delhi NCR region with permanent, adoptive or in some cases foster parents. So you can get in touch with them even if you just want to foster a feline for a couple of weeks or months. 
They have been awarded The Best cat Community & Blog 2016 by Pet Fed India. They keep making regular cat adoption updated on their Facebook page. 
Like them on Facebook, text them there or email at
Facebook link:


SGACC is India's oldest and Delhi's largest all-animal shelter. It is Asia's largest hospital cum shelter facility and home to over 3000 animals at any time. Their primary mission is to provide sick, wounded and abandoned animals with food, shelter, medication, kindness, safety and love for as long as they need it. You sure are to find a lot of cats here ready for adoption. 
Contact details:
Website link:

PS: DO NOT QUIKR if you want to adopt cats or any animal for that matter. 

Have fun being a cat parent. Meow. 

Monday, 20 March 2017


Meet the new CM of UP- Yogi Adityanath. 
A surprise and controversial CM pick by BJP, Yogi ji, has been MP from Gorakhpur for five consecutive years since 1998. A man clad in Saffron, the star campaigner for the BJP has a very notorious image of a hatemonger. He's a yogi and a politician and the founder of Hindu Yuva Vahini which is a Militant Youth Organization known for its violent activities, charged by police in MAU riots and Gorakhpur riots in UP.
Yogi Adityanath has been called a propagator of hardcore Hinduvta so much so that in 2005 he led a purification drive which involved the conversion of Christians to Hinduism. He accused Mother Teresa of converting Hindus to Christians. He has been repeatedly accused of promoting communal disharmony in UP and rightly so. He shared the stage with a speaker who asked people to dig graves of Muslim women and rape their corpses. His hate speeches are now going viral. He even compared Shah Rukh Khan to the Mumbai carnage mastermind Hafiz Saeed. He is also a supporter of Trump's Muslim ban. No wonder why many Muslims, Christians and secular Hindus who voted for the BJP for development are disappointed and let down.
These are things that trouble me. I have an objection to polarization and divide of any kind. Is this the kind of bent of mind we expect from a member of parliament and now the CM? There is a lot of negative opinion about him and for apparent reasons. The fear that his growth in power is a disaster for peace and pluralism in India is understandable. But let's hope that the responsibilities and opportunities of high office would make him act responsibly and not treat elected office as an opportunity to spread communism and hatred to spread fear and disorder. Time will tell.